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Quick notes… merch is ready! Secondly, over two years running, check out my weekly Just Be®~Spiritual BOOM podcast. It has dynamic guests from all over the world discussing 5D ascension and what that means and looks like during this period of major evolution. Listen here on my site or see my 19+ directories including Apple, Spotify, YouTube, BitChute & Rumble. I am also co-anchor on the GrassRoots Warrior Network.

Bigger picture, I started Just Be®, LLC in 2006 for all walks of life to discover self-healing beyond medication and Western protocol. It has always been about evolving and increasing your vibration, yet now it encompasses ascending.


Just Be® Awakens

Working with all ages and faiths, my work encompasses the nitty-gritty from stress, migraines, relationships, money, diabetes, addiction, anxiety/depression, grief yet it all expands into the awareness of you and the truth of your life. Why are things occurring? How can you make changes?

Face-to-face or remote, my methods create freedom AND connect you to your heart away from victimization, predetermined thoughts, ideology. Through talking and bodywork, we quiet monkey mind, utilize ascended souls, hone vibration/energy, unlock intuition/gifts, heal trauma, open your voice, etc. It is amazing.

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Eden Koz, Soul Realignment Specialist

In conducting this soul alignment work for decades, my own recent radical shifts have aligned with the huge Earth ascension that is going on as we speak. Combining my NDE, energy work, intuition, Christ Consciousness, empathy, meditation, mindfulness, psychic ability, Reiki, Akashic Records, mediumship, dimensions, parallel lives, the cosmos and more, my unique work heals a physical issue from acute to chronic down to discovering your place in the world and your true desires of the heart.

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Increase Vibe/Abundance

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