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WHAT’S COOKIN’ – Offering “Meditation Simplified” Zoom class weekly on Thurs, April 13, 20 & 27 from 1-2pm EST. Email to sign up at Only $55.

My Just Be®~Spiritual BOOM! podcast with weekly guests discusses how to have a strong foundation during this period of major evolution… The Great Awakening. Listen here on my site and/or see the links to all my directories including Apple, Spotify and Google. Now watch it also on video: YouTube, BitChute, Rumble & Odysee.

Bigger picture, I started this God-based spiritual company for all walks of life to discover major healing beyond medication and Western protocol. If you are willing, this work allows you to deeply discover why challenges exist and then how to truly accept and change them. See my articles on HuffPost.


Just Be® Heals

Working with all ages and faiths holistically, I do corporate to spiritual soul work focusing on stress, anxiety/depression, grief, expansion, ascension… anything in between or beyond.

Face-to-face or remote, my methods create authenticity, and freedom with vulnerable and strong connections in your life. We work on monkey mind, thoughts, panic, adoption bonds, vibrational honing, your intuition/gifts, healing trauma, special needs challenges, spiritual growth, etc.

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Eden Koz, Psychological Empath / Meditation & Master Healer

Do you want to feel beyond great? I am your partner in facilitating healing as we learn the importance of vibration and emotions in unlocking trauma and stuck yuck. Using Christ Consciousness, meditation, mindset shifts, energy, Reiki and more, I have spent 25 years doing this masterful work.

Beyond conducting private and group sessions, I have written for the HuffPost, have interviewed and been interviewed by fabulous people, host/produce a podcast and am almost finished composing a book. Much of my work centers around evolution thru The Great Awakening.

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Great Awakening Help

Trusted companies to assist your evolution through better health, vibration and abundance.

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•Mint Mobile: A client for 2 yrs, my mo cell phone bill is only $15! Get $15 off here upon sign-up & add’l 3 mo free if you’re leaving AT&T/Verizon.

•Hooga: 12% off all healing products from grounding to red light therapy. Link here and enter EDENJUSTBE at checkout.

Interview: Part 1~Tyson's Gift