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WHAT’S COOKIN’ – The Just Be®~Spiritual BOOM! podcast is almost a year old. Now with weekly guests, we discuss how to have a strong foundation during this period of major evolution… The Great Awakening. Listen here on my site and/or see the links to all my pod directories including Apple, Spotify and Google. Now watch it also on video: YouTube, BitChute and Rumble.

Overall, I started this spiritual company for all walks of life to discover healing beyond medication and traditional protocol. If you are willing, this work allows you to deeply discover why challenges exist and then how to truly accept and change them. See my articles on HuffPost.


Just Be® Rocks

Working with all ages, I can do light corporate to spiritually deep with a holistic focus on stress, anxiety/depression, grief, expansion, ascension… anything in between or beyond.

Face-to-face or remote, corporate can focus on the benefits of meditation/mindfulness tools, while my private sessions can get soul delicious. My methods create bravery, freedom, open connections in your life and with relationships. We work on panic, adoption bonds, vibrational honing, your intuition/gifts, sexual abuse, special needs challenges, self-love, spiritual growth, etc.

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Eden Koz, Psychological Empath / Mindset, Vibration & Energy Counsel

Do you want to feel great? Beyond great? I am your partner in facilitating healing as we learn the importance of vibration and emotions to our complete well-being. Using mindset shifts, energy, Reiki, meditation and more, I have been doing this masterful work for 20+ years with Just Be®.

Beyond conducting private, group and corporate sessions, I have written for the HuffPost, have interviewed as well as been interviewed by many fabulous people, host/produce a podcast and am in the middle of composing a book. Much work also centers around The Great Awakening.

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Book Foreward

Given author Tim Stead’s release of his book to the USA, I was asked to do the forward for Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality. This showcases that any faith can do this work.

Testimonial: Two Daughters