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**BUT FIRST – What interesting times we are experiencing. I started Just Be® to guide all ages and walks of life through radical transformation and healing specifically in demanding situations. Because my methodology impacts deep, core layers, immense change is possible. And, if you are committed, whether we met face-to-face or remotely, ease from pain and distress can quickly shift into peace and calm. See my articles on HuffPost.


Just Be® Is Relief Now

For individuals, couples, children/teens, offices or schools, I focus on two broad areas: (1) anxiety/depression & (2) grief.

Together or remotely, I take the uniqueness of each individual or audience and customize my work to facilitate a swift mindset as well as physical change. My methods work beyond science easing panic, diabetes, sexual abuse, autism/neurodiversity, eating challenges, PTSD, high blood pressure, to name but a few.

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Eden Koz, Founder

However deep your challenge, I facilitate healing using strength, passion and resiliency. I have been doing this work for 20+ years and founded Just Be® in 2006 which is out of Akron, Ohio.

Beyond doing private sessions and group work, I have been writing for HuffPost since 2014 and love to do corporate speaking engagements with the intention of always giving my listeners an unexpected wham pow.

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Book Foreward

Given author Tim Stead’s release of his book to America, I was asked to do the forward for Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality. To note, all faiths and religions can find comfort in doing this work.

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Client Story: A Year. See the Before & After.